My Inspector Guard Patrol System is an efficient provider of Guard Patrol Tracking System. My Inspector provides individual and businesses with real-time information on the performance and activeness of guards while on active duty.
Monitoring and managing guards on patrol is a quite difficult and costly. This can be as a result of the geographical stretch and location, the number of guards and the type of guards employed. Patrols cannot be assumed to be accurate, they are humans who will often slack in their duties. You are always bothered as to whether they perform their duties or sleep off after signing in. However, despite your concerns you are in a limbo as to how to acquire the results of their performance.


You can manage My Inspector Guard Patrol System from wherever you are in the world. As a guard provider or an employer, information can be gathered, analyzed and assessed within minutes.

Secured Data0%

With My Inspector Guard Patrol System, data cannot be manipulated, proper historical data on the performance of your security guards can be acquired. This data is also secured and hack-free.

Multiple Location Protection0%

The functioning of My Inspector Guard System is to protect and cover multiple locations at a go. You can effectively monitor all the guards on duty in different locations from a single location.


Arrival and Departure Period

You can be anywhere in the world and have real-time data on when your guards resume for duty and when they depart from the site.

Where, When and Why

My Inspector reveals every location and site touched by the guards during patrol and the exact time they visited using a Checkpoint system. In case of an unusual deviation from the normal routine, the tool also allows for providing information as to why they did.

Location and Timing

Aside from noting the locations visited, it also details the duration spent on a single site and the in-between site. This will help to determine the swiftness and speed of visits.

Scheduled Visit

In the event that a patrol guard fails to carry out a scheduled check to a site, My Inspector reveals this. You will be aware of the failure of the security guard in making his rounds.

Easy Pin Pointing of Mishaps

In the occurrence of a security lapse, it will be easy to ascertain the exact time it occurs in between the security checks of the patrol guards.


Considering the problems associated with monitoring guards on patrol, you will be looking for a medium to answer the following questions;

  • When did they visit each site?
  • For how long did they scan through each checkpoint?
  • When exactly did they visit the site?
  • Where are they in between visits?

All these questions and much more can be answered with our solution.


Using an RFID technology, you can accurately monitor and determine the location of your guards in real time. With My Inspector in place, you have the rest of mind to focus on other areas of your business. My Inspector serves as the interface between you, your guards and their inspectors. My Inspector is beyond a device that snoop on your guards when taking a nap, it goes beyond that by providing them with information on when they did what and for how long.

My Inspector addresses your concerns by monitoring, tracking and managing every activity of your patrol guards while they are on site. Being a highly intuitive tool, My Inspector store actionable and intelligence data that allows you get value out of every surety patrol arrangements.


It creates routes through which the guards must abide by while having My Inspector to register their movement at each checkpoint. You will have to set up the checkup points and set up the guards after which it is ready for normal use.

Due to the advanced technology employed by My Inspector, the patrol guards are about to scan specific checkpoint within the area under surveillance. These checkpoints can be specific building and point along the route of patrol. With each check-in, the managing staff is able to identify each location patrolled by the guards during each shift.

Analyzing the gathered data is just as easy as the data gathering process. With the efficient My Inspector Guard Patrol System in place, you can easily analyze the data. This data will reveal the shortcomings of the guard patrols and suggest how this can be corrected.


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